Since I no longer race bicycles, my greatest pleasure comes from finding and restoring them. While I prefer the Italian frames, it's fun to mix it up with bikes from other countries. The star of the collection and my personal favorite is, of course, the 1972 Cinelli SC.
Atala 2  Atala Atala  Atala Atala Record Professional 1  Atala Record Professional Atala Record Professiolal 2  Atala Record Professional
Atala Record Professional 3   Atala Record Professional Basso  Basso Gap Bianchi  Bianchi Bottecchia SLX  Bottecchia SLX
Bottecchia  Bottecchia Bottecchia2  Bottecchia Chiapinni  Chiappini Cilo  Cilo
Cinelli SC  72 Cinelli SC Colnago  Colnago Crescent  Crescent Dawes Galaxy 1  Dawes Galaxy
Dawes Galaxy 2  Dawes Galaxy Dawes Galaxy 3  Dawes Galaxy De Rosa  De Rosa Dunelt  Dunelt
Garlatti  Garlatti Hercules 1  Hercules Hercules 2  Hercules Hercules Balmoral  2  Hercules Balmoral
Hercules Balmoral 3  Hercules Balmoral Hercules Balmoral  Hercules Balmoral Legnano  Legnano Mirella 1  Mirella
Mirella 2  Mirella Mirella 3  Mirella Motobecane Grand Jubilee  Motobecane Jubilee Nishiki Professional  Nishiki Professional
Nishiki  Nishiki Pascoe 1  Pascoe Pascoe 2  Pasco Pascoe 3  Pascoe
Pascoe 4  Pascoe Peugeot PX 10 2  Peugeot PX10 Peugeot PX 10  Peugeot PX10 Pinarello  Pinarello
Raleigh Gran Sport  1962 Raleigh Gran Sport Raleigh International  Raleigh International Raleigh Record  1963 Raleigh Record Raleigh Record 3  1963 Raleigh Record
Raleigh Record 4  1963 Raleigh Record Raleigh Sports  Raleigh Sports Raleigh Super Course  Raleigh Super Course Raleigh Super Course Mk II  Raleigh Super Course Mk II
Raysport Super Corsa  Raysport Super Corsa Raysport Tourismo  Raysport Turismo Robin Hood  Robin Hood Tommaso  Tommaso
Viner  Viner Windsor  Windsor