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More tiny creatures of the family Cladocera taken through the microscope. These are found in fresh water ponds and lakes, usually amongst the submerged vegetation. The abundance of some species depends upon environmental conditions and water quality. The last few slides show my basic set up plus the other microscopes that I use from time to time. I've used several lighting techniques, darkfield being my favorite. Each microscope has slightly different optics or is set up for phase contrast, brightfield, darkfield, etc. The Wild is best for high magnification, but the Nikon produces better photographs.
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IMGP4714 daphnia pulex
IMGP4716 daphnia pulex
IMGP4746 daphnia pulex
IMGP4749 daphnia pulex
IMGP3350 daphnia pulex
IMGP3356 daphnia pulex
IMGP4389 daphnia pulex
IMGP4391 daphnia pulex
IMGP4393 daphnia pulex
IMGP4400 daphnia pulex
IMGP4613daphnia pulex
IMGP4658 daphnia pulex
IMGP4661 daphnia pulex
IMGP4409 daphnia pulex
IMGP4416 daphnia pulex
IMGP4451 daphnia pulex
IMGP3985 macrothrix rosea
IMGP3990 macrothrix rosea
IMGP4023 chydorus sphaericus
IMGP4024 chydorus sphaericus
IMGP4039 chydorus sphaericus
IMGP4042 chydorus sphaericus
IMGP4148 chydorus sphaericus
IMGP4046 chydorus globosus

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